LETTER: Horncastle set to be ruined by development?

So, it is looking highly likely that Horncastle is to become the next in the long line of unique and irreplaceable country towns to be ruined by unnecessary and unwanted housing development.

This “Housing Developments For U” syndrome is laughable. These proposed housing estates on Langton Hill, Louth Road and Mareham Road are presented by the developers as though they are something Horncastle residents have been longing for and which will somehow fulfil a long cherished need. I suspect there is more greed involved here than need.

The combined total of proposed dwellings is in the region of five hundred and ten, some of them being four or five bed roomed properties. Where on earth are all these people going to come from and where are they going to work for heavens sake? Not in Horncastle that’s for sure, unless the next part of the plot is to bring in massive industrial development of some kind to further ruin Horncastle’s character.

It seems inevitable that the new home owners will have to commute elsewhere to work but will still need to use our facilities such as doctors, dentists, schools etc. turning Horncastle into yet another stressed and overcrowded dormitory town.

We have a beautiful and unique country town in the Lincolnshire Wolds and instead of cramming the place with more houses we should be capitalising on our main asset by providing decent parking and facilities to encourage more visitors to spend time and money here to boost the local economy.

How funny that Larkfleet Homes should throw in the sop of a proposed relocation of the 40 mph speed limit further northwards along Louth Road “to minimise risks to safe access and egress from the proposed development.” As if it would make any difference. Barely one in ten vehicles takes any notice of the speed limits on Louth Road anyway.

I suspect that many people in Horncastle take the same view regarding these proposed developments but fear the developers will just push and shove until they get their way with the ELDC anyway.

Tony Ashton