LETTER: Horncastle has a lot going for it - stop the scaremongering

I am delighted that you have given space to the Horncastle town councillors’ reactions to items raised by Ms Flo Moore at a recent Town Council meeting.

It would seem that the good lady could have been listening to the “Fifth Columnist” types who are sitting back and letting her take the resultant flack which has been generated.

Councillor Roark pinpoints a particular area of the town which has been greatly improved ,this being one of the many “positives” for Horncastle,which is refreshing .

As a comparative newcomer to Horncastle- I came to work here in 1961- and was immediately taken up by the attitude of town shopkeepers to potential customers and they all seemed genuinely keen press home the salient points on offer.

I was not collared by truculent business people moaning about their lack of success caused by the goings on within the local council or the police’s attitude to parking outside their premises.

There was not even enough animal excrement deposited to call for a self- appointed dog muck “tsar”. Some time later,a prominent

Councillor asked me if I would become a parent school manager,which I duly accepted .

This was my first involvement with councillors and experienced many lively debates amongst all sections of the political spectrum.

At NO time did I experience rudeness and I don’t think there was any talk of participants being removed by the Chairman.

Sometimes discussions would continue at the “Rodney” but we knew how to behave.!

The councillor who invited me to become a school manager gave me some sound advice.” You are new here,mate,but you may be a little time before you become a local and if you do cross swords with anyone you will find Horncastle people have good memories”

This was sound advice and I would suggest any one of an aggressive nature and a liking for tub-thumping local politics should make a note of this.

Most of us are proud of our market town and accept that change is inevitable,but those in business should continue the local tradition of being pleasant when potential customers enter their shops.

We have a lot going for us.

John Golland,

Horncastle. (And proud of it!!.)