LETTER: Horncastle badly needs development to progress

I am 24 years old and felt I must write in response to some of the recent articles and views in the Horncastle News.

I came back to my parent’s house for Christmas and, as I expected, Horncastle has not changed one bit.

I was born, raised and educated in the town and would have loved to have stayed here.

But what is there for people my age? Jobs? Cinema? Nightlife? Forget all those. There’s not even a decent bus service.

This is at a time when everyone seems to be complaining about new development in the town.

Without new, young families, Horncastle will wither and die.

I wonder what the average age of the population is now?

My sister will be finishing school shortly and will have to travel to either Lincoln or Skegness every day to attend college.

What message is that sending out?

Yes, we all know the town’s services are under strain but is that because too many people in positions of influence want to keep Horncastle as it is...or rather as it was 50 years ago?

People moan about car parking. Get real. It’s the same situation in every other town and city in the country.

There, though, you can at least buy at a cup of decent coffee on a Sunday.

New investment equals new jobs...an exciting new future.

If Horncastle doesn’t change, it will be left behind again.

Sarah Nelson

Louth Road.