LETTER: Hero from Horncastle

Regarding the link between the recent Victoria Cross that was awarded to Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey and the Vicar of Horncastle up until 1980, Reverend Arthur Davies.

Many older Horncastle residents will remember Reverend Arthur Davies who took up a retirement position at Browne’s Hospital, Stamford. He remained there until his death some 15 years ago. Reverend Davies and Mrs Beryl Davies lived in the Old Vicarage on Spilsby Road, Horncastle with their large family and they were both very active in the community. The Old Vicarage is now Horncastle Medical Centre.

His widow, Mrs Beryl Davies, moved from Stamford, at that time, to live nearer to some of her large family in Spalding and she is now a regular churchgoer in Spalding. We understand that Beryl Davies, on a recent visit to her church in Spalding, informed members of the congregation, including friends of ours, Rodney and Elizabeth Britten, who live in Spalding, that her grandson, Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey, had recently been awarded the Victoria Cross for outstanding bravery whilst “ in action” in Afghanistan. He was featured on television news a week or so ago receiving his Citation from the Head of the Army at a Military Ceremony and he is due soon to receive his Victoria Cross from Her Majesty, The Queen, in person. Beryl Davies is immensely proud of her grandson, Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey’s achievement.

According to the Citation on television, and in the press and radio, Joshua fought off Taliban fighters single handed and rescued an American officer who was lying seriously wounded. The American officer has fully recovered from his injuries and is very grateful for the brave efforts by Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey, Beryl Davies’ grandson.

Keith and Maureen Baguley

Lancaster Avenue, Horncastle