LETTER: Have some thought for the Lincolnshire cyclist

We frequently hear mention of Lincolnshire’s “dangerous roads” (though I feel that is more to do with those who use them rather than the road itself) but can we spare a thought for those of us who actually walk.

There is so little consideration given to walkers now, not just from those who never seem to notice that their dog has left a pile of excrement in the middle of the path, but those who have luxuriant hedges and border shrubs and flowers, and decorative trees.

There are several places in the town where such have overgrown the path to the extent that walkers have to step into the road to get round them.

Apart from the obvious danger, there is the extreme discomfort when it has been raining and these growths cannot be avoided so one gets a further soaking.

There are a few places where some of these overhangs include briars and brambles, which in the dark could cause serious injury to anyone walking into them, don’t lets forget that there are those whose vision is not what they would like it to be.

So how about it, have a look at your garden from the passer by’s point of view and look out the shears and secateurs.

Oh, and what about those people with gravel frontages and park their cars on it. Have you noticed the amount of stones strewn over the path and road.

These can be flicked up by passing vehicles, and pedestrians could easily turn an ankle on them. A few moments with a brush would make life more pleasant and safer for pedestrians.

That brings me to the number of vehicles that are routinely parked on pavements, again in some places forcing pedestrians into the road to pass them, and as for the growing number of cyclists that use the pavements and footpaths...

Some of these infringements are actually illegal, but it would surely be better for people to think on a bit rather than risk a fine.

Colin Jamieson

Roman Way, Horncastle