LETTER: Four years on and no progress made with regards Jubilee Park, Woodhall Spa

After reading the article regarding Jubilee Park, Woodhall Spa in the Horncastle News, dated 26 February 2014, I experienced a ‘deja-vu’ regarding the toing and froing of this particular saga, i.e., who controls the area known as Jubilee Park.

Since June 2010 when the first public meeting was held with the main speakers announcing grandiose plans for the forthcoming ownership of Jubilee Park, this subject seems to be continually contested between those members of interested groups, namely the Friends of Jubilee Park and the Parish Council.

I attended this public meeting in 2010 to gain knowledge regarding the project to take over the management of the Jubilee Park and all its facilities. I

left that meeting very sceptical thinking that this grand venture would end in disagreements.

Nearly four years have elapsed and are we still any closer to a settlement between the warring factions?

Whatever the final outcome, I for one will not support (if asked), any move to install a fitness centre (it was called a gym at the public meeting), if I am called upon to guarantee any monies that would be borrowed, either by this ‘new’ group or the Parish Council.

Notwithstanding any venture must be viewed dispassionately and not be seized upon by the eagerness of the few. As council tax payers, we may well be liable for the cost of borrowing the £100,000 plus to upgrade facilities at the caravan park prior to the 2014 holiday season.

Whilst the Jubilee Park remains the focal point of Woodhall Spa for visitors, pragmatism must prevail.

What does concern me is the removal of the Parish Council’s veto clause regarding any planning proposals by this new group.

I charge the people, who form this new group, to act in an accountable way regarding any proposal that requires monetary funds.

It has been stated in the press, quoting those in authority, that any loan debt would not fall to the people of Woodhall Spa.

I would appreciate confirmation of this statement in writing from authority via this paper, not just a reporter’s account of proceedings.

A Pugh,

Woodhall Spa