LETTER: Flytipping allegation causes distress

To whom it may concern: I was extremely distressed on Friday last to find a council man on my doorstep telling me that I had been reported for Fly Tipping.

I had to trim two very high dangerous trees back, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, 1. Being 76 and not well, 2. A husband in a Nursing Home and 3. You are finishing greenery collections it has taken me a long time to try and clear it up.

Most of it is garden, I had someone collect the logs for her fire, there are still some to collect and I have tried in my limited position to try and tidy what is left.

The greenery bin being full. I have been in Woodhall Spa over 30 years and have never known anything like it.

I hope he enjoyed his hour of glory and instead of being a coward, which he clearly is, he could have come and rung my doorbell and I would have told him what I intended to do.

I hope the Horncastle News prints a copy of this, it is not my fault that greenery collections have finished and I thank the council driver for trying to help me

Sheila Gardner,

Woodhall Spa.