LETTER: Finally some common sense about Horncastle parking charges

At long last some common sense is said (and written) about the issue of car parking in Horncastle (page 6 last week).

I have to applaud the three councillors who held a meeting with the district council regarding parking.

Yes, charges in Horncastle are high but everyone needs to wake up. Have you tried parking in any other town - apart from Market Rasen although my understanding is that charges could be introduced there.

I recently went to Spalding and paid a lot more to park for a couple of hours than in Horncastle.

To blame parking charges (as some do) for the decline in Horncastle’s High Street is way off the mark.

In fact, I note that as some businesses close, others open. Is that not an example of what is happening in every High Street in the country?

Parking charges are, unfortunately, part of today’s society.

They may generate revenue for councils but could you imagine what would happen if there was a free-for-all in car parks?

I seem to remember years ago everyone complained they could not park in Horncastle’s Market Place because spaces were occupied all day by business owners and their employees.

What does need attention is the attitude and arrogance of the wardens who enforce regulations.

I see them on a regular basis and can only think they have ‘set’ targets to meet - no matter what the local authority might say.

One other point. I can only hope progress is made at the meeting, not least regarding introducing a single charge for all car parks in the town, instead of the current arrangements.

Michael Brown

Lincoln Road