LETTER: Fed up of parking near Sellwood Gardens in Horncastle

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I am secretary to a computer group at Sellwood Gardens Community Rooms. We meet twice a week, every week, on Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 12 noon.

Following our meeting on Wednesday, September, 24, in the morning, we were held up trying to get out to the Boston Road. Clients at the auction just stood around watching us and not even trying to let us out.

They were busy filling their vehicles with the goods they had purchased earlier during the morning. Cars were parked all over the place. As we were trying to get out, being three vehicles, there were vans everywhere, on the approach road, half on the road and the other half on the pavement. We were only able to get out by going into the car park and out the other side.

When we arrived there was a young man in a white coat directing the traffic to park, even so, they were parking on the edge of the road leaving only half of the road able to be used. But on our way out, the young man was helping the clients fill their vehicles instead of sorting out the traffic. I dread to think how an ambulance on a 999 call would get through.

We of the computer group are getting very fed up with all of this as it’s not the first time. It happens nearly every time there is an auction at the hall. I don’t suppose anything will be done so we shall have to put up with it while they fill their cars and ignore everything else around them.

Mrs Ann Hurns

Club secretary.