LETTER: Fantastic lifeline for mental health patients in Horncastle

My name is Chris. I am Bio Polar and have been since I was a child.

Now, in short, have you ever thought of killing yourself because your mind won’t switch off from all sorts of reasons which we need to get help?

‘Connect’ is a lifeline. It’s in Horncastle and the team are fantastic. Dr Zafar, Wendy and others, they served me. I have great respect for all the work they do for everyone.

Mental health can affect any one of us. We need to speak up and save ‘Connect’. It’s much needed. Whoever has come up with closing it, they need to think hard, really hard.

If anyone gets ill, we need somewhere we can depend on. They are part of saving people like myself and any others.

Please, if you use ‘Connect’ and suffer from mental illness, write to the Horncastle News. There’s no need to leave your name but support our corner. No-one else will. Be strong. I feel for you but Dr Zafar and Wendy work to help our lives better. That’s worth a lot.

Names and address supplied