LETTER: Failing in duty to Horncastle

The letter in the H. News, 17th Dec. (“where were Councillors” ?) highlights, the dereliction of duty by County Councillor (W. Aron) by NOT representing the towns interests at the Enquiry to the Appeal against Planning permission being granted for an inappropriate housing development.

As Chairman of the Town Council Planning Committee he SHOULD have attended this important meeting, to strongly represent Horncastles best interests - and even if the end result was the same, it would have demonstrated to the electors his integrity, and commitment as Chair of the Planning Committee, and that he had tried to do the best for the town, in line with his often stated election promises !

The reaction and response to this important issue merely follows a repeated pattern of poor, inefficient, Chairmanship exampled in recent months, that led to the resignation of 8 of the founder Members/Trustees of The Stanhope Hall, and similarly Trustees from The War Memorial Centre in the recent past.

These resignations were a direct result of poor, autocratic ‘leadership’ from the Chair, where Committee decisions were ignored, and the organisation was, in effect, being run by a “Committee of ONE” rather than by a fully involved and consulted body of people.

As for inefficiency, it IS a fact that - over 6 months on - those Trustees who were driven to resign from The Stanhope Hall, were STILL showing on the Charity Commission website some 6 months after their departure, and even, now those same Trustees names are STILL being displayed on

The Stanhope Hall website - yet another graphic example of poor leadership skills, that questions the right, or ability, to “Chair” any sort of organisation with the required degree of professionalism.

It also questions whether other local organisations under the same Chairmanship have, or will suffer, the loss of hardworking, dedicated Committee Members, being driven to resign, through autocratic and dogmatic “leadership”.

As stated in the printed letter, Cllr. Aron stood as an “Independent” candidate, capitulated to the Conservative group, and (by coincidence ?) was given the Chairmanship of the County Council for a tidy £12,000 pa on top of the basic £10,000 pa “allowances”. Very nice work if you can get it !!

Seeing the many photo opportunities taken with the regalia of office in prominent display - one could consider these symbols of office as ones “ill gotten chains” !!!

It is one thing being constantly seen in photo opportunities of “good deeds” done in the Town or County, and these images alone project a picture of efficiency and professionalism that belies the truth - therefore, it is right that, people be made aware that there is much dissent, turmoil and disagreement under the surface of these poorly “Chaired” organisations that rarely comes to light - though it should do so.

Voters SHOULD remember these events, and consider VERY carefully to who they give their vote in the next elections.

Most Councillors do a great job, devoting much personal time and effort, often to the detriment of their private lives, but to the benefit of their town or County, but (unfortunately) there are some that do not, seeking only self promotion and political advancement by whatever means.

Ron Fisher

Hemingby Way.