LETTER: ELDC traffic wardens a bit overzealous

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On Sunday morning, January 5, I came across two ELDC Traffic Wardens or to give them their correct title Traffic Enforcement Officers about to put two parking tickets on vehicles owned by members of the Horncastle Lions who had set aside their Sunday morning for free, to take down the small Xmas trees and lights, around the Town.

With very few cars about and with plenty of space in the Lawrence Car Park I approached the two individuals and suggested that they should not give tickets as the vehicles were those of volunteers doing a community service for the Town.

Both wardens did not want to know and said the car parking rules were clearly stated on the notice next to the ticket machine and they had a job to do and furthermore the two vehicles including their trailers, stacked with the small trees were parked illegally.

When I asked again if they were going to issue tickets they said they were carrying out their duties. I asked for their names but they refused to give same but pointed to their shoulders on which were printed GE102 and GE106.

I asked again if they intended to give out tickets and they again said they were enforcing the parking laws despite my suggestion that they were not helping the Town or the volunteers who had given of their time to help the Town.

I stated who I was, and said that if they issued tickets then I would personally ensure that they were reported for unreasonable and officious behaviour as their attitude was unacceptable and needed to be addressed.

If I had not arrived at the time I did two tickets would have been issued.

This merely compounds the problem of no free time or free carparks in the Town and supports the general opinion of the public that these Traffic Wardens are doing untold damage to Horncastle and all the Market Towns in ELDC.

I will be raising this at the next Town Council meeting and direct with ELDC. It will not be allowed to go unactioned and the individuals need to be reprimanded.

Suffice it to say that the 2 Traffic Wardens drove off having NOT issued any tickets.

Coun Richard Barker,

Independent Town