LETTER: ELDC charges will only cause my flytipping

I see from East Lindsey District Council’s own magazine that we are about to be charged for the pleasure of having our green rubbish bins collected.

Wonderful. I wonder how many people will take up the offer or will simply retort to putting rubbish in other people’s bins (mine) or dumping bags at the side of the road.

I live in Horncastle but regularly travel to Tetford to visit friends.

The amount of rubbish dumped at the side of the road - particularly the road between Horncastle and Fulletby - is appalling.

Three piece sofas, battered old chairs, soiled nappies, garden waste, soil, rubble...the list goes on.

Surely, the council realises that by charging for emptying bins, they will just make the situation worse.

They will have to spend more clearing up this mess. How many of these fly-tipper do we ever see appear before our courts?

If the council wants to spend money, may I suggest it starts by stopping delivering a magazine through my door that just adds to my weekly rubbish.

I haven’t asked for this magazine. Why should I get it?

There again, I suppose my council tax has helped pay for it.

Sarah Thompson