LETTER: ELDC and its catalogue of mistakes

ELDC in their usual professional manner are proposing to build 29 homes on the site of the old swimming pool in Louth.

I am told that this land was bequeathed to the people of Louth by a “Theodore West” in the 70’s - and is in reality is NOT even owned by ELDC.

I wonder how it is that this authority can justify the blatant theft of land that is not theirs to sell, and demolish a building that is not owned by them, and then (presumably) make a profit from the houses to be erected ??

There was a similar situation in Horncastle where ELDC wanted to demolish the Horncastle Town Hall - again gifted to the town many years ago, to build housing.

This improper decision was fought by the residents, and in spite of vicious determination and spiteful rhetoric by two particular District Councillors from the Louth area, this idiotic decision was eventually overturned and the building has become a PROFITABLE Community building much appreciated by the residents for the film shows, dances, concerts and a multitude of other activities that take place there - additional to the regular tenants that are hiring business offices within the building .

Something that the astute ‘business brains’ at ELDC were incapable of comprehending, or actioning to provide a vital facility, that benefit the whole area.

Another example of corporate stupidity was the massive expenditure of (I believe) around £12,000,000 pounds on the “white elephant” Meridian Centre in Louth, built upon playing fields used by many age groups for football on a regular basis.

This centre not only reduced the number of pitches available from 3 to 1, but reduced the number of teams able to use the facility to 1 only - instead of 8 who are now displaced to outside villages. Rehousing the whole facility to another site - though promised, has never happened.

Additional to the building costs of this ‘monument to incompetence’, the Meridian Centre has produced a HORRENDOUS LOSS to the town of £1,062,389 last year - and a £762,235 this year to date, and who knows how much more in the future?

Meanwhile, wheelie bin collections are greatly reduced (with talk even of further reductions) - car parking charges have been racked up once again, with no free period - driving people and their spending from our small market towns and villages to Lincoln where most major shopping can be done with free parking - and causing major street congestion by motorists parking in residential roads because they resent the exorbitant parking charges.

Meanwhile, of course, you now have blue jacketed `’”Enforcement Officers” in fancy uniforms, (traffic wardens in real terms) prowling the car parks and streets looking for victims to justify their existence, and salaries!

Of course these minor “errors of judgement” should be considered alongside the additional expenditure of over £18,000.00 on tablet computers for Councillors/Staff - the (around) £40,000.00 producing the pointless, puerile East Lindsey Messenger plus unquantifiable staff costs, were they to be apportioned, and around £1,000.00 for issues around translation services. There was also £80,000.00 compensation paid to a member of staff made redundant a year or so ago - who then went on to a well paid position with one of the Water Boards.

It is a good (lucrative) life swimming around in the public sector pool of unlimited resources isn’t it??

Mind you - in spite of all of this, I continue to feel SO proud that 25% of my Council Tax goes to funding the pensions of these “professionals”, who spend our money SO wisely!!

R. Fisher (Mr)

Hemingby Way