LETTER: Dog fouling in Horncastle is worse than ever

In my opinion and lots of other people’s as well the dog fouling situation has got worse than ever and seriously needs addressing.

I noticed it has been in the newspaper but I haven’t seen the dog warden around town and I think it is not a high priority on the police list of jobs,

I know of some of the people by sight who are doing this and one is a elderly man with a walking stick who let his spaniel foul near the school and instead of picking it up he used his walking stick and flicked it on the road.

When I dropped my children off at school recently there was some near the school and it had been stepped in on the way back and probably been it has made a mess in the classroom.

It’s all over town and it’s got to stop and my son noticed some right near the dog foul signs printed on the pavement.

I will report these people so they should be concerned. I don’t want naming please. Thank you.

A concerned Horncastle resident