LETTER: Damage to Lincolnshire Tourism

Over the Easter holiday period, eight of us from Leicester set out to walk around Asterby/Goulceby/Scamblesby area.

We arrived on the Friday evening, had a meal and few drinks and comfortable accommodation in the area.

Saturday morning, we set out to talk in this AONB. After half and hour, we realised our peaceful time was not to be.

Bang, Boom, Bang! There were a series of bird scarers/gas guns operating from more than one direction at around 10 minute intervals.

After lunch we made the decision to move out of Lincolnshire, there cancelling two night stay, and the meals that were booked.

This amounts to reasonable financial loss to the Lincolnshire tourism providers.

On our return to Leicester we held our monthly meeting where we relayed our walk’

There are 52 members, and some were planning to come to this beautiful part of the Wolds later in the year.

Needless to say, they have opted for other locations.

I have also submitted the details to a walking magazine as the peace and beauty of some areas of the countryside are no longer enjoyable.

I understand from local residents that the use of these archaic devices have increased dramatically.

The financial loss to these small businesses can be quite devastating.

Nigel Freeland