LETTER: Cyclists need lights

There seems to be an increased acceptance of cycling after dark without lights, frequently by young people both in the late afternoon and evening, and in the morning whilst delivering newspapers.

I doubt if anyone would actually deny the dangers of this, but what I find hard to understand is why do the parents or carers of these young people allow it? Surely they cannot be unaware that their child has no lights on their cycle. Don’t they care? Are they unaware of their parental responsibilities under Acts such as the Children Act? I am also surprised that newsagents, who will often advertise the care they take over their delivery boys and girls protection, do not, apparently, check that they are sending these young people out safely and legally equipped.

So come on parents, carers and newsagents, our young people are precious, ensure their safety -not to mention the requirements of the law!

Colin Jamieson.

Roman Way, Horncastle