LETTER: Covert policing of speeding needed

The article regarding speeding in Stanhope shows: as long as police wear fluorescent jackets; stand out in plain sight and give prior warning of them conducting a speed check, they will not catch offenders.

The Highways Department check for this area, showed one in four cars speeding, yet the group of police, PCSOs and children recorded a top speed of 33mph.

In addition to the above static speed check, there are speed cameras which are sign posted and painted bright yellow; easily seen.

A marked police vehicle is also easily distinguished so if anyone is caught by any of these methods they are not paying attention to road conditions and deserve to be booked.

The answer is for police to conduct speed checks whilst concealed from the view of any motorist. Why can’t they hide behind trees, bushes and other objects? Why are there signs indicating the location of a speed check area or camera?

Motorists should not be given any warning, police should be able to carry out a check where they want.

Warning the motorist is similar to warning a school or NHS hospital that an inspection is to be carried out: the results show that everything is hunky dory.

When such an inspection is carried out with any fore-warning the results show the opposite is true.

I say the police should leave the hi-viz jackets at the station, get rid of the sign-posted, static cameras, use more unmarked police vehicles and start looking for good hiding places. Only then will the real offenders be caught.

P Hudson

Woodhall Spa