LETTER: County Councillors vote themselves a pay rise

Once again increases to County Councillors “Allowances” have been quietly slipped out, with little or no publicity to the general public.

This unwarranted increase provides a further £220 per annum, per Councillor - which is possibly a larger pay increase than many ‘working people’ in Lincolnshire enjoy.

The ‘so called’ Independent Panel that decides these things mentions that Lincolnshire is way down the “league” table of Allowances over the Country

as a whole - a totally irrelevant comparison, and a justification for proposing the increase in the first place.

It is like saying car parking charges are cheaper/dearer here than in Bristol or Dover - totally irrelevant !!

Councillor Martin Hill - much to his credit, has again refused to accept the increase to his allowances of 56% (£12,000) - a princely sum, even allowing

for the heavy responsibilities he deals with.

I wonder how many of the other 120 or so Councillors have the integrity to turn down this increase - bearing in mind the low wage rates and overdue pay rises

prevalent in the county ? (several (initially) refused the increase last time - but ALL did eventually capitulate to taking it in the end !!.)

It is difficult to comprehend the justification for this increase when we have roads full of potholes requiring more than just temporary “infill” - road signs that are filthy

or obscured by foliage that is never trimmed back - a pointless, but extremely expensive ‘County News’ dispensing self congratulatory news or pointless advice, as well as translation services. and multi language information and leaflets made available on request

We also have the ridiculous statements that “the County Council do not regard the motorist as a cash cow” (yeh, right), whilst announcing its intention to employ 3 or 4 new Traffic Wardens -

oops, sorry, Traffic Enforcement Operatives - whose possible £18,000 per annum wages etc etc have to be paid for from the additional “revenue” they extract from the long suffering,overcharged, motorist.

Councillor Hill (LCC Council Leader) is also quoted as saying that the increased allowances are justified, partly to assist Councillors in continuing to hold their regular “Surgeries” for their constituents - and it would be interesting to know on a local level, WHEN - WHERE - or IF County Councillor Aron has EVER held such a surgery at all in this area?

Ron Fisher (Mr)

Hemingby Way