LETTER: Council tax is clear as mud

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I don’t know about you, but I received my Council Tax Bill last week and when I looked carefully I was surprised to see that the local precept for the parish council had increased by 1.7%.

I attended the Bardney Group Parish meeting last night and this was brought up as the precept had been set at no increase in a previous meeting.

Nobody, including our county and district Coun Ian Fleetwood could understand it. I decided to ring West Lindsey District Council and ask.

Although very helpful, the information was totally confusing and when talking to one of their staff who is an accountant, he left me no wiser than before, except it was something to do with the amount of people on benefits in the area!

Maybe its me being a bit thick, but if you also want to be confused, ring them on 01427 676676 and ask why the Bardney Parish precept has gone up.

Have fun and certainly worth recording and entering in the “Clear as Mud” competition.

Mike McKenna

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