LETTER: Council need to work together for good of the town and put aside in-fighting

It is disappointing to read (yet again) of the ‘turmoil’ and unrest, taking place within the Town Council Chamber.

Several letters have been printed from Mr. R. Barker - the latest one urging people to “seriously consider standing for the Town council in 2015 - because “HE” does not consider the present incumbents do a very good job.

Two immediate responses spring to mind:

1. The option for people to stand for election has ALWAYS been available, but very few bother, either not having the time to give - not having any interest in local affairs, or just plain apathetic - but quite content to moan and grumble about other peoples best efforts for the town.

2. “IF” the people of Horncastle were as disenchanted with the long serving Councillors as Mr. Barker suggests - then, over the years others would have stood for election themselves, and possibly removed those people from office. The FACT that those same Councillors get

re-elected time and time again (I think) says it all!!

Similarly, he complains over the non election of the standing ‘Deputy Mayor’ who had “30 years experience”, in favour of another candidate!

Long service in itself is no automatic ‘passport’ to another post, - but I presume that a democratic vote would have been taken by Councillors to arrive at the decision to appoint another candidate.

Mr. Barker should not complain about a purported lack of democracy - and then complain again when that very process takes place, just because he does not agree with the outcome!!

It is clear from other articles and letters in the Horncastle News that there is a “personal” feud raging between him and Coun Aron - much, it seems, stemming from the capitulation of Coun Aron from being elected as an “Independent” candidate, and then joining the Conservatives at LCC, and gaining a very lucrative monetary post on that council - OR, it may be a longer standing feud because of the results of previous County Council elections where Mr. Barker lost to the present incumbent.

Whilst I can understand his chagrin over these two events - it should NOT be carried into the Council Chamber when dealing with local matters.

Certain standards are expected, and unseemly behaviour is both immature, undignified and unnecessary at any time by these two parties, or any other Councillor.

The majority of the long standing Town Councillors devote many hours of their time to the benefit of the town - to the detriment of their home life, and some, (in spite of illness) do their very best, and work extremely hard to benefit Horncastle. They do NOT always get it right - but can’t be doing too bad a job if they get re-elected time and time again.

I think that Mr. Barker should re think his role on the council - he is an intelligent, qualified professional, and businessman who could offer a lot of energetic input to the town, were his mindset not so clouded with venom and personal provocation to those around him.

Name and address supplied