LETTER: Coun Aron’s gesture is simply a political move

Mr Aron’s gesture is a cheap cynical politically motivated shot to raise his political profile and ambitions.

Why did he just choose not to accept it and remain in the councils funds as the leader and labour leader did.

The money is more than covered by his allowance as deputy chairman of the council achieved by ditching the Lincolnshire Independents to jump in with the Conservative group after being elected on the Independent Lincolnshire group ticket.

Some of these councillors have been on the gravy train for over 20 years racking up hundreds of thousands of pounds 23% of that would be a more meaningful gesture.

The money would not even cover the conduct investigations by the Standards Board and council monitoring officer still going on.

The skate park debacle cost around £200,000 alone. Your correspondent (name and address supplied) is not far off about some dysfunctional councillors working together and new blood.

As only about 30% turnout for local elections the rest of the people do not care they will get re-elected by default.

Gerry O’Neill

Mareham on the Hill