LETTER: Concern about weight of traffic during Lancaster visit to Coningsby

Delighted as the Council and community are with regard to the forthcoming visit of the Lancaster, there are serious concerns for the safety of the community and visitors alike, parishioners are concerned about the traffic influx and no matter how many external car parks are provided there will still be those who try and get through.

RAF are taking the line that this is not an event and encouraging people to visit other areas where the displays are being publicized; well we all know how much difference that will make? People will come to Coningsby as this is the place the planes will be taking off and returning to, fantastic photo opportunities to be had.

I haver today been alerted to an article in this month’s edition of Lincolnshire Life magazine quote the end of the opening headline “it is no surprise that Lincolnshire is set to host one of the most exciting aeronautic events of the century” end quote. Where in this does it say this is not an event? The article goes on to give out County Council phone number 01522 782040 to find out what opportunities there are to view the Lancasters at Coningsby?

Thursday 24th July saw a taste of what we are to expect, with traffic tailed back to Tattershall Bridge with the journey from there to Coningsby car park taking on average 50 minutes. Traffic along the Dogdyke Road totally disregarding the double yellow lines and most of the time ignoring the traffic warning signs on takeoff and landing of aircraft; this was witnessed first-hand; these people will do anything for a picture, car doors were swung open immediately on stopping regardless of the following traffic all to get a picture. This was a family’s day and although this hadn’t been advertised the results were tremendously disruptive.

Council are aware traffic managements is being implemented and also Highway closures although on asking for clarification on this the clerk was told “they were not sure why Council or the local PCSO’s would need clarification as they had been at the meeting?” This came from a senior LCC Highways officer, council still do not have any clarification on the final dates or times etc.

It is statements like this and the ones from the RAF saying it is not a public event that add to the concerns of the Council.

This Council office and the Police station have been regularly contacted throughout the past 5 or 6 weeks by concerned parishioners asking for answers to their concerns.

Coningsby Council would like to express their serious concerns over the forthcoming dates in August and September for the organisation of the safety during those dates and lack of communication with the public/ parishioners of Coningsby & Tattershall.

Kathy Roberts

Town Clerk Coningsby