LETTER: Complaint about CQC

Where to begin, what is this world coming to when kindness, true compassion and care for those entrusted to the safe keeping of Shailen and his team at Southwold Nursing Home are held up for public humiliation and trial by the media.

My Dad, Ken North spent his final years at Southwold, it is hard enough to release loved ones into the care of others, but at Southwold we were confident and extremely happy that his time there was comfortable and he was happy in his own world.

As a family, we became involved with all aspects of the home life and daily routines, we joined the staff and residents for their summer jaunt to Skegness, enjoying a ‘fish & chip’ picnic in the floral gardens. We celebrated Christmas, attending the afternoon party there, just before the big day. Dad enjoyed visits from all of the family, and we spent many happy hours sat in the garden with him.

Dementia robs a family of the person they know and love, but by being able to go to see Dad, to spend time in a friendly home from home environment, we were able to say our goodbyes to the man we knew and loved, knowing that his time at Southwold wasn’t unhappy, our memories now are of him settled and content.

We as a family, will always be eternally grateful to Shailen and his staff, for the time Dad spent at the home. We were recommended to employ the home, and these recommendations came brimming with confidence and praise for the care provided and the support for the families along the way.

I am also contacting CQC and making a formal complaint about the way they have treated the home and its management.

Good residential care and the measure of this must be a priority to bigoted inspectorates who appear to judge every book by its cover!

Sue Ellis

By email