LETTER: Clean up after your dog - don’t disregard others welfare

Time serious attention was given to this ever increasing problem; not only a disgusting lack of responsibilty by those so called dog-loving owners, but a complete dis-regard for the welfare health and risking the spread of disease that may affect humans as well as animals.

Children are ever curious and may pick up the bags, and birds peck at the getting plastic stuck in their beaks and spreading diseases to other birds too, especially their young.

Who is responsible for the unpleasant task of picking them up once left on the green areas? No-one it seems?

One way to effect change will be for the ‘good’ dog owners, who have a sense of responsibilty when they see others leaving the dog bags, to say something to them at the time and shame them into taking it away. Maybe one or two pictures on social media would help too.

Will the answer be to have even more surveillance cameras to the edge of town even when it won’t identify the perpetrators? Maybe it is time that owners were chipped along with their dogs so the dog can be identified and the owner prosecuted?

I have lived beside the Green for 25 years and until this year there was never any dog dirt nor even rubbish of any kind. Now it is there daily as people are so lazy, ignoring the bins provided, constantly eating and drinking as they walk and drop their litter as they go without a thought of the ever growing disgusting mess.

They visit pubs and take away glasses and bottles and leave them in the streets. One example of the opposite is the fish and chip shop which is kept spotlessley clean, even the weeds were cleared away. A real credit to the town.

Name and Address supplied.