LETTER: Clean up after your dog and don’t leave it on my mat

I have just had the misfortune to walk through a pile of dog poo that has been left this morning on my door mat.

It is incomprehensible that someone would let their dog do this and then not either clear it up or knock to inform me.

I went out first to collect the wheelie bin in otherwise it would have been my 3 children who had walked through it.

I do not even own a dog and do not expect to have to clean up after other people’s.

I am hoping that the person responsible is reading this and realises their mistake, how would they like it if this happened on their door mat and their child or grandchild walked through it, or a visitor walked in all into their house and carpets.

I know the majority of dog owners are responsible citizens but the few have let you down.

Please everyone clean up after your dog.

Thank you for you time.

Nicola Fawcett

Southwells Lane,