LETTER: Car parking decision was made by ALL at East Lindsey District Council

Having been approached a number of times in Horncastle regarding the implementation of car parking charges,

I wish to bring to the attention of your readers, the absolute facts which informed the decision making process of East Lindsey District Council.

A working party of Members from all political groups, Chaired by Coun Terry Knowles, Leader of the Independent Group, was set up to examine car parking charges in East Lindsey.

The group formed the opinion that the present policy was unfair, in that some areas within the district were charging for car parking whilst others were not.

In simple terms, the working party brought forward proposals that would create fairness across the district with regard to the implementation of car parking charges where previously there was no charge and to make a small increase in charges for those car parks that were already charging.

This recommendation was put before the Executive Board at East Lindsey and was accepted.

As a consequence of this and as Portfolio Holder for the Environment at the time, it was my duty to recommend this new policy to ALL Members at Full Council.

There was a full debate on the issue and when a vote was taken the recommendation was accepted by Members from all political persuasions with a majority in favour of 36 with 8 against. A substantial majority in favour of the recommendation!

I understand the frustrations of residents and businesses in East Lindsey (I had a successful business in Louth myself in the 1980’s) but this letter is to lay out the bare facts as they happened and to dispel the conjecture that seems to have circulated in Horncastle that I was the Councillor responsible for the increase and implementation of car parking charges.

As I mentioned earlier, the recommendation came from a working group of ALL political groups for which the Chairman was Coun Terry Knowles, Leader of the Independent Group at East Lindsey District Council.

Coun Tony Bridges