LETTER: Can you help the children of Chernobyl come to Lincolnshire?

April 26 will see the 28th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the worlds worst ever Nuclear accident, the Chernobyl Children Lifeline was formed in 1992 to help the children of Belarus as 3/4 of their country was covered in fallout.

Villages were highly contaminated as they still are today and had to be abandoned, the people having to leave everything they possessed behind, pets, photos, toys..........

A small group of children went to Surrey and since then the charity has grown and there are now app 160 “links “ through the UK all helping to bring children to our shores for four weeks respite , those four weeks can help add up to two years to their 
life expectancy, just by breathing our clean air and eating good ,( un contaminated )food.

The children arrive with a leader , a teacher who speaks fluent English and they have the time of their lives, for who knows how long they have to live.

Cancers are rife, blader cancer has risen by 55% 
and babies in vitro have 
been found to have liver cancer.

I organise outings for 
the children whilst they are here, for them to see the sea for the first time in their lives, their faces are a picture, absolutely stunned by this spance of water, to touch the sand and collect sea shells, something we take for granted .

They lead such harsh lives at home, village children who have to collect water from the well or scrape the ice when frozen as temps can go down to -40 degrees

Icicles can hang from the ceilings in their homes and in the towns as many have flat roof dwellings so as the snow melts water runs down the walls and black mould is constant, yet for all their problems you never hear them complain, they are always laughing.

As chair of the local link i am looking for new members to help us, to fund raise, host the children etc etc .

We are all volunteers and it is a very worthy and enjoyable cause.

I have been with the CCLL, a registered charity for 14 years and it has been a privilege to help these children, the particular 
ones( I have also hosted ) being those of Belarussian Firefighters who suffered horrendously when the accident occurred

I hasten to add that 
the children pose no 
health problem to any one in the Uk.

If any one can offer any help or would like to join us please call me , Jeanette on 07810 12 43 28.

Thank you so much , we need to let these people know that they have not been forgotten.

Jeanette Fortnum

By Email