LETTER: Bringing back magic memories

You recent front page article on Luke Adams and his niece Brooke Andrews re-awakened one of my warmest memories.

Fourteen years ago on a glorious sunny morning, I had our two Border Terriers, Jessie and Rosie, on my tricycle as I moved towards a group of children outside the Kinema in the Woods.

The eleven-year-old boy was Luke Adams and he and his friends were asking for the names of our dogs so I asked the children about theirs.

With great tenderness and ‘old world’ courtesy, Luke stroked the dogs and chatted with me so easily that the great difference in our ages was forgotten.

Cycling away, I realised I had experienced in real life a vision of England usually glimpsed only in children’s books.

Here were children showing respect, warmth and courtesy.

Occasionally, we would see Luke as he grew up - always the same affable young man with his values enhanced - and now at only 26 he is truly a hero, conquering fear and skydiving to raise funds for ‘Wish Upon A Star.’

Now, that’s a little piece of Woodhall Spa magic!

Edward Mayor

Sandy Lane

Woodhall spa