LETTER: Boston Road speed pleas fall on deaf ears

I would like to say bravo to the letter of Mr Richard Barker in response to my letter regarding the lackluster and ignorance of all Horncastle councillors.

They just are not interested in what matters and needs doing.

Once again I have read in the Horncastle News that a mobile speed sign is going to be rolled out to prevent the so called ‘rat run drivers.’

What a joke, I have written on too many occasions regarding the speed on Boston Road near Banovallum School entrance, where there will be a serious accident.

These drivers are on mobiles and are texting at the same time, once again it’s a quick fix in the wrong places.

These councillors must go, lets elect people who will listen and do right for Horncastle and its people.

And also on the subject of Bill Aron, he’s quick once again to pick up on the dwindling erosion of the Roman Wall all of a sudden, which he never once mentioned when he worked in his shop Holdens.

I bet he will be asking once again to qualify for another cash grant off the town council.

What about getting a grant for a permanent slow down sign on Boston Road.

I am afraid I am once again falling on deaf ears.

G Lovely

Boston Road, Horncastle.