LETTER: Bill Aron has done much for Horncastle

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Another libellous letter in last week’s Horncastle News about the Chairman of the County Council. Can not we people of the Horncastle area get into our heads that the County Council serves the whole of our County?

County councillors are not District Councillors and therefore have nothing to do with parking in our small town.

As our Westminster is a coalition of parties why can not the County Council administer as a coalition of parties, as the Conservatives do not have an overall majority.

I wonder if the rest of Lincolnshire have such criticism of their 
County Councillors as Horncastle has.

I was one of the People that served on Bill Aron’s committee that save the Town Hall. “ He did it his way” with the greatest success.

This is just one of the many things he has done over the years for his home town, now he has our votes to serve in a bigger picture.

Mrs Susan Dymoke

Scrivelsby near Horncastle