LETTER: Betrayal of Horncastle voters

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The article by Tom Carlisle on the newly appointed County Council Chairman gives a very one sided view - and whilst I appreciate that newspaper reporting can be ‘skewed’ to present a particular point of view, or selectively omit “facts” that present the ‘subject matter’ in a better light than is deserved.

Whilst Coun Aron was elected to the County Council in 2009, it was not a continuous length of service - having been “re-elected” around May 2014 on a ticket as an INDEPENDENT candidate - who (and I quote) “did NOT believe in politics having any part in local government” !!

This was clearly stated in the election leaflets distributed, and many of the 1400 or so people that voted ‘for’ him, may not have done so had they known he was going to join up with the Conservatives on Lincolnshire County Council.

In so readily dumping his fine “principles”, and electioneering pledges. he was grandly rewarded for this treachery to the electorate, by being given the post of “Council Chairman”, with EXTRA “allowances” of £12,100 for that post, ADDITIONAL to the basic £10,100 given to all other County Councillors.

In the real world of the private sector, it is totally illegal to advertise a particular “brand”, or politically (Tory, Labour, Independent), and then when you attract the buyers (the electorate) switch that brand to something else, that you did NOT want, and be obscenely rewarded for it.

The betrayed electors of Horncastle - the ones that would NOT have voted for him - deserve, at worst, an apology for this electoral deception, or, at best his resignation for such calculated double dealing and “self interest”.

It certainly demonstrates a total lack of probity, good character and trustworthiness, which should be remembered by the electors at future polls.

The many fine words quoted in the article do need greater clarification, as they are meaningless otherwise:

For example: “how” he will help small businesses get off the ground, and expand?

“how is he going to promote tourism”?

“how is his Chairmanship any good for the town or the County”?

Fancy words are all to easy to utter - but actions are the measure of someone’s honesty and capability of doing what they say.

The public DESERVE better, and are fully entitled to EXPECT their ‘representatives” to be honourable and true to their words !

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