LETTER: Bardeny Council need to advertise meetings properly

I believe you have been reporting on the issues concerning Bardney Group Parish Council and wondered if you had tried to attend any of their meetings lately?

Well it’s really difficult as the new council seem to be changing the venues and dates from the advertised ones on their website.

I know their excuse will be that they have placed notices in the notice boards, but if they intend to change the venues and/or dates then I would have expected them to also advertise this clearly on their website or are they scared that they can’t answer the questions residents may wish to ask them?

There was supposed to be a meeting on Thursday October 17 at Southrey Village Hall, this was changed to Bardney Fire Station, so this means the residents of Southrey have had their local meeting taken away from them and one wonders if the parish council only wish to represent Bardney and have excluded the local villages?

I’m not sure if or where the meeting of Thursday November 7 (Precept meeting) was held, but the next advertised meeting was for Thursday November 21 at the Committee Rooms at Bardney Village Hall, which I have now discovered was held on November 14 at the Methodist Church Hall.

It might be worthwhile reminding them that this isn’t a good start for a council who stated they wanted more transparency and residents support.

Mike McKenna

By Email