LETTER: Are driving standards in Lincolnshire falling?

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Am I alone in thinking that the standard of driving in Lincolnshire can best be described as abysmal ?

I seem forever to find myself behind a line of cars driven by people who are unable to overtake a tractor.

People who approach the 40mph sign on entering Horncastle at the top Of Langton Hill at 30mph and slow to a steady 20mph thereafter.

I watch the schoolchildren trying to park in West Street. Some enter a large parking space driving forwards, seemingly unaware that reversing into a parking space is almost always easier.

Then it is backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards until coming to rest in a way which reduces a “three space” area to a “two space” area by leaving far too much space at each end of the vehicle, but never enough at either end for another car to get in.

Often the car is left two or three feet from the kerb with one end (usually the rear) sticking well out into the street.

Sometimes, not satisfied with this the “driver” will sometimes make use of that essential piece of equipment, the mobile ‘phone.

Dad then turns up ten minutes later and parks the car for young Tarquin or Tracy and all is well. I see people entering roundabouts on the right, signalling left and then going straight ahead.

People who see a parked vehicle half a mile ahead and signal for a right turn. Why ? People who want to turn right, positioning themselves carefully on the left to ensure everyone behind has to wait. And wait. And wait.

People who seem to have no idea of the width of their car so have to stop and wait when a vehicle approaches on the opposite side of the road somewhere like Woodhall Spa where cars often park on the main through route.

I must say however that it is the sight of the Volvo with a tow bar, crawling along behind a tractor, followed by two road maintenance trucks, a Outreach van (whatever that is), and a Nissan Micra in which there is no sign of a driver other than two sets of white knuckles gripping the steering wheel in a vice like grip as the whole procession struggles to maintain a speed of 20mph, which makes me think seriously about the benefits of suicide.

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