LETTER: Are councillors value for money?

It is disgraceful that the County councillor for the town and planning committee Chairman did not attend the planning enquiry, it appears he is more interested in puffing up his ego for the next election by bumbling around Lincoln in fancy dress.

The money raised is laudable but lets not forget he will clear about £50-60 thousand pounds in allowances and expenses this council period, over the years he is well into hundreds of thousands.

He should resign for neglect of duty not withstanding resignation for misleading voters by jumping into bed with the conservatives.

The UKIP MPs Carstairs and Reckless showed honesty and integrity by seeking re-election on resigning the conservative whip in the commons a quality that is sorely lacking here.

Next election voters should go to the Council websites and see the amount paid to councillors and reflect if it is value for money and vote accordingly in this case probably not.

Gerry O’Neill

Mareham on the Hill