LETTER: Angered by selfish parking

I was wondering if you would bring attention the difficulties Selwood Gardens residents and their carers/visitors are having gaining access into and out of their homes on the days that Robert Bell & Co have the auctions on at the Stanhope Hall.

There are signs up clearly saying do not block access, however these are blatantly ignored

My elderly mother lives in Selwood Gardens and requires carers every morning.

On the last occasion there was an auction at Stanhope Hall one of the carers had great difficulty trying to drive out after visiting mum.

She went into Stanhope Hall and asked for assistance to move some of the vehicles blocking her way however was refused any help.

Eventually she did manage to drive out however if this had been an emergency vehicle I doubt they would have got through at all.

I feel very frustrated when people would rather block access to elderly 
peoples home than park on the Wong and walk a little further and of course now pay to park.

It is just not acceptable in my opinion and I would be grateful if the Horncastle News would highlight 
the difficulties caused by such carelessness in order for people to park as close to the building so as not to inconvenience themselves.

Jayne Rudkin

By email