LETTER: Action needed rather than words on Horncastle speeding

Councillor Aron did shove a letter through my letter box, with a request of a meeting with him and PCSO Nigel Wass.

I have great respect for the work Nigel does for the community, but on this issue he has got it wrong regarding the police force’s mobile camera unit.

As I have said before the unit is only there for a few hours in the day and not at night.

Other cars flash their lights to warn other drivers.

I find this a waste of the police’s time and taxpayers money.

This road requires a permanent flashing slow down sign, which will activate speeding drivers to slow down day and night.

I have no intentions of meeting with Bill Aron because I can see straight through his so called seeing to be doing plan.

Instead he wants to get on with the request of putting slow down signs up instead of dragging his feet on site meetings before someone is hurt.

As the Horncastle News stated, this road is widely recognised as a hot spot for speeding, say no more.

Councillor Aron and the town council knows this, what about action instead of words and letters before it’s too late.

G Loveley

Boston Road