It all comes down to a vote

In response to your publication of Dr Sambrook’s letter, I am prompted to endorse his views with some words in plain words that may help to lend some clarity to disillusioned readers . . .

In 2011 a bill called the “Localism Act” was passed by Parliament. Few people, including myself, realised that it could be as life changing as President Obama’s were on health reform in America, and it all came down to a vote. A group of people here in Horncastle took up the challenge to make that Localism Act work here in town and again, it all comes down to a vote.

There has been fierce and acrimonious opposition leading up to next weeks referendum, varying from ‘a waste of time’ and ‘a waste of money’ to ‘not fit for purpose’. When it comes to the crunch, does it make any difference? Do nothing or vote no and nothing changes. Precisely nothing. Zilch, zero credits. Big deal.

Maybe vote yes? Just one of the positive ideas written into the plan (HNDP) is to create a ‘green wheel’ around Horncastle. A walking/cycling/wheelchair path over (new) bridges and main roads connecting schools, medical and other facilities without needing to cross town on tarmac roads.

The plan includes far more: it links the wishes of local people in recognising a sensible approach to resources. One thing for sure is that you can build on land but you can’t build land, so it has to be right first time. A good reason why the plan is so important now, before a brick is laid. It’s a King Canute situation, like a tide of development cannot be halted, but for us it can be made to implement changes in not just housing, business premises, shops, accommodation for tourists and elderly people, medical facilities (perhaps with dental care and small operations), transport, library and more.

A yes vote can change Horncastle in the way we want for years to come.

If you never have a dream, you’ll never have a dream come true. Thursday 14 April is wake up time!

Vote yes or no but for heavens sake VOTE !

Graham Hutton

By email