Infrastructure - County ripe for development

I write regarding the very interesting article in the Horncastle News about a ‘Gateway to the East Coast’.

Why are we still talking about this? In my mind, Lincolnshire is ripe for development and needs massive investment.

Nothing has altered in many Lincolnshire towns for decades. We are desperate for infrastructure.

Looking at the map of the UK, the M11 needs continuing on from Cambridge.

It should be continued north, sticking close to our east coast and serving King’s Lynn, Spalding, Boston and Horncastle (skirting around our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), before joining up with our only motorway, the M180, somewhere near Humberside Airport.

A railway line should then be run adjacent to it, with a few new stations on the way, notably Woodhall Spa.

Why is it that Lincolnshire has only one racecourse in Market Rasen?

Why do we not have any major attractions? Why do we not have any major designer shops?

Lincolnshire is a massive county. It’s very flat and nothing has been developed for decades. It would be easy to put in infrastructure.

The North Sea and Europe is on our doorstep. So much trade could be done if we made a massive port in Lincolnshire.

Why is it that we have an airport in Lincolnshire but it’s called Humberside?

This airport needs to be renamed Lincolnshire Airport and developed to rival East Midlands.

Lincolnshire is midway in the UK and it’s an easy meeting point for families living in the south and north.

We should have been developing tourism decades ago.

Skegness could be so much more; it just needs the infrastructure. Look at Blackpool – it has a brilliant motorway close by.

The Government wants to ease the overcrowding in the south ... well, there is plenty of space in Lincolnshire.

Martyn David

Kirkby on Bain