Improvements - Road becoming a ‘rat run’

I have no doubts the road improvements in Woodhall Spa need to be done.

However, the information given out about what is closed (and when) is surely a masterclass in non-communication by our County Council.

Some days the road appears open and some not.

The result is Sandy Lane now resembles a Formula One racing track.

HGVs, coaches, caravans...everything is using Sandy Lane to miss out the main road into Woodhall.

I would call Sandy Lane a ‘rat run’ but I would think even our rodent friends have run for the hills - due to the volume of traffic.

Martin and Anne Clark

Woodhall Spa

How long before someone is injured?

I used to walk my dog along part of Sandy Lane most mornings - but not any more.

On Monday of last week, I was almost taken out by a lorry which clearly was in a rush and wasn’t prepared to stop for anyone...or anything.

In ten short minutes, I counted more than 30 vehicles using Sandy Lane, obviously to avoid the roadworks in Woodhall.

How long will this go on?

How long before someone is injured?

Pauline Jackson

Via email