Hunt - Disgusted

I am a Horncastle resident for many years now.

I went along as a bystander to watch the local hunt meeting (New Year’s Day) which I have heard about over the years.

There was a group of around dozen protesters waiting for the huntsmen and women to arrive.

The protest began, which caused a reaction to the pro hunt followers that had gathered to welcome the hunt.

However, it started to get a bit hostile. Some watchers were alarmed to see what was going on.

The A158 was getting held up as the hunt approached and left the area.

How can this still be allowed to happen, especially next to a very busy main road? It used to be held in the Bull Hotel grounds!

I was disgusted by the language from some of the pro hunt. There were young children present, also our local MP was there.

Later, I drove around the Winceby area where they were hunting with their hounds across the fields.

This has to stop - but I doubt it will.

I just hope the people of Horncastle are not giving the protesters a bad name.

In my opinion, they tried to make it a peaceful protest - and rightly so!

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