Housing - Too many developments

My wife and I attended the meeting in Woodhall spa last Monday about the new housing application (Broadgate) off Witham Road.

I could not believe what I was hearing when we were told by our local district councillor that planners can’t take into account the effect seven or eight developments will have on our village.

As one resident pointed out, if all these 900 or so homes are built, how will the local schools and NHS services cope. And we also heard that the drainage system is already struggling.

A development of say 230 homes is worrying enough, but it will not generate the problems of all these applications put together.

Come on planners, adopt some sense and realise what effect all these homes will have. 950 homes could equate to 3,000 new residents, more than 1,000 children.

Never mind a classroom, what’s needed is a new school.

Andrew Gardener

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