Housing - Our village cannot cope

We moved to Woodhall Spa nearly 15 years ago.

Like many others, one of the attractions was to live in a village - admittedly one of the county’s biggest villages.

In the decade or so since, we have seen Woodhall Spa grow, particularly in the Witham Road area.

Now, it no longer resembles the place we moved to.

Yes, at its heart the village still has some wonderful independent shops and restaurants.

There is a myriad of clubs and organisations - enough to keep everyone happy.

However, the sheer number of new homes is in danger of spoiling Woodhall for good.

Doctors, dentists, schools, roads, drains....our village just can’t cope. Now, we hear of another major housing development, possibly involving hundreds of homes.

You only have to travel to the south of the country to see the impact house-building has had in a number of villages.

Development is all well and good, provided it is controlled development.

Please, please don’t spoil Woodhall Spa.

Alan and Sheila Kirk