Housing - Concerns over loss of agricultural land

Why, if this country is needful to produce as much home grown food as possible, is agricultural land in this county of Lincolnshire ever being thought of as suitable for concreting over and erecting more and more houses? Where are the people coming from to fill these houses?

Are they coming to work here? Doubtful.

They will probably be retirement homes for people from other parts of the country who can sell their current homes for a better price than they would have to pay up here.

What we will need then is more old folks’ homes, doctors and dentists etc.

The current youngsters of Horncastle and Woodhall Spa will therefore have to migrate to an en even cheaper part of England to live.

Agricultural land is rapidly becoming impossible to be trusted to farmers to farm. They can see as well as the next man that getting planning for fields of houses is very much more profitable than fields of corn. Temptation! So, therefore, the only solution that appears to be is 
a) nationalise all farmland or b) use it for what it is supposed to be used for - farming!

J H Kemp,

Woodhall Spa

What ever happened to locals having a say?

When will the planning department at our district council finally start to take notice of what local people are saying.

I seem to remember this government saying they wanted local people to have more say in local affairs.

Now, we have the situation in Woodhall Spa with the hundreds of new homes being proposed.

Who wants these homes? Not the people who live in Woodhall Spa.

All they will do is line the pockets of the people building them.

As people have been saying, where are the jobs and the services to support all the people who buy these homes?

Surely, the planners will take note of the recent statement that there are no primary school places to cope with the children who could live on these developments.

There again, given many of the recent decision by our district council, I doubt that is the case.

Stephen Jackson

via email