Hospital - Excellent job

I read with interest your article on councillor Colin Mair and his praise for the excellent treatment he received from the NHS.

I, too, have had to spend time in hospital recently.

Reading the newspapers and turning on the TV, you would think no-one cares.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The standard of care I received from the moment I was admitted to the day of my actual release was first class.

Yes, there were beds in my ward taken up by people who could perhaps have been at home.

However, that is no fault of the nursing staff. The excellent job they are doing - in very difficult circumstances - is often overlooked.

I saw first hand what staff have to contend with.

I also saw the number of what I will term non-medical staff employed these days.

Clipboards in hand, they would walk the corridors during the day.

They formed very orderly queues at vending machines, but quite what these people do is beyond me.

Instead of closing hospitals (and criticising overworked doctors and nurses) whoever is in charge should look at cutting out a few layers of management.

Paul McMullan

Woodhall Spa