Horncastle - Your choice to stay or go

I came to Horncastle as an evacuee from Grimsby in 1939.

I served in the war in the Kings Royal Rifles for three-and-a-half years. On demob, I came back and eventually married a Horncastle girl – for 64 years.

So obviously I love the town and the lovely people of Horncastle.

I am now 91 years old - not bad for Horncastle is it?

If I was not satisfied, I would have left and gone back to Grimsby - but no way!

You cannot go against a town on opinion, it is choice.

There is everything here as life is what you make of it, and it is a market town. You should voice your opinion people, but you are not forced to stay.

Regarding activities - visit the sports field and see people training youngsters in different sports and they are enjoying every minute of it. So don’t be a kill joy.

I also admire the adults who give their time up to give youngsters fun.

So live and let live.

I played football for Horncastle Town too and am proud of it.

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