Highways - Lot more supervision needed for road repair work

The response by the LCC Highways Authority to the Wharf Road work is unacceptable and not credible.

My experience in the building industry does not recognise the statement by the LCC that the Tarmac has to be allowed “to settle”, “before we tackle the next stage”.

The next stage has only one option and that is to cut the whole of the parking bays out, down to the sub base, and relay a car parking specification, to falls to the existing gullies.

The patches to the roadway need to be cutout and the road surface taken down to sub base level, the sub base checked and repaired if required and a road specification laid to take the commercial traffic and cars that use Wharf Road, again to laid codes of practices.

LCC Highways have serious problems with providing adequate supervision of their subcontractors who have shown that they are incapable of doing the job once and doing it right, to laid down work practices.

Examples around the town demonstrate the inadequacy of the contract conditions in force, with areas in front of Perkins with gobbled up areas, were slabs have been lost or broken, the Tarmac areas behind the library instead of the original Yorkstone slabs are but two examples of a failing system and should be addressed.

The state of roads like Banks Road and Banks Street are typical of the lack of maintenance, with again gobs of Tarmac applied which are already breaking up.

According to our County Councillor, Lincolnshire Highways are the second best in the country!!!!!!!!! I shall take my tractor when I go outside the county.

Come on Councillor, get real and start working for the town to stop this unacceptable performance of LCC and tell us what you propose to do and the actions you will take.

Call a public meeting to show your commitment to the town and how you will address these issues.

We have no contact with you through local surgeries and you have once again failed to turn up to the Town Meeting.

Richard Barker

RIBA, and former director of Tarmac Professional Services a Division of Tarmac, Plc.