FRACKING - Wish I had same confidence

With regard to last week’s article on fracking, I would like to comment on a few points made by Victoria Atkins MP.

Our traditional reserves of gas are not in danger of running out. North Sea oil and gas finds are being left alone at the moment because of retrenchment in the industry due to low prices, even though the infrastructure is already set up there.

We buy and sell gas all the time as we are locked in to the European and international market. The only thing we lack is storage facility due to lack of investment over many years.

Fracking and other forms of extreme energy extraction still require investment to set up, much of which will be funded by the taxpayer.

The fracking industry will not create as many jobs as the government are saying, as more recent and independent reports than the one they always quote have stated.

The loss of jobs in the clean energy sector, on the other hand, has already affected the Humber region. Jobs in tourism and farming, could also be put at risk.

I was recently in Scotland, where they have a moratorium on fracking which has been put in place until more is known. This is in no small part due to the fact that the country wants to protect its whisky and tourism industries.

I wish I could be as confident as Ms Atkins over regulations, but the regulatory bodies have been cut to the bone.

If things do go wrong, who will be left to clear up?

Geraldine Clayton

The Barn House, Howsham