Foundry Street - Exclusive parking

Is it possible to question Lincs County Council as to why it was felt, in this time of “austerity”, the need to dig up a large grassed area and turn it into a car park for Fire Officers attending the fire station on the land in Foundry Street?

In addition to this, they have felt the need to place concrete bollards around the rest of the area to frustrate local residents and prevent them from parking on any available grassed area.

Foundry Street has huge issues with parking, in part due to double yellow lines placed in areas due to the fire station being on the street.

The council have obviously felt the need to spend a substantial amount of time and money in creating a car park on land for the exclusive use of the fire service and placed signage in other areas to indicate that the area is for the exclusive use of council employees.

My children would regularly play on the grassed area where the car park has now been placed - the car park is empty the majority of the time.

I think the council have been petty minded, childish and inconsiderate in their actions and I have no doubt that a number of residents in the area are equally appalled.

Jeff Masterton

Via email