Footpath - Common sense not politically correct procedure

It was interesting reading the Town Clerk’s statement regarding the footpath at the rear of Thomas Gibson way (Horncastle News, September 26) .

Surely ‘common sense’ should prevail over stupid politically correct procedures hidden behind by many local authorities, Governments and many large organisations ?

As the matter has been unresolved since 2014, and action requested again in 2017, it is surely plumbing the depths of overall incompetence that this matter goes on a waiting list that could take 25 to 30 years to be considered again !!!

The fact that one resident ‘alleged’ that the land was ‘private’, without any proof to back this up, should be IGNORED by the Council, and the matter dealt with.

The few hours or effort this would take is minimal, and the abusive resident could be warned off by the police before the work takes place.

‘IF’ at some time, an owner comes forward, they should be charged the minimal cost involved for such maintenance -that they did not provide -but since provided by the Council.

The vast sums of money wasted by councils in following such idiotic procedures is mind blowing, and most people would agree that this squandering of taxpayers money should stop, and the savings better used elsewhere.

Ron Fisher